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why choose wefixit?

There are a lot of garage door companies out there. Why choose us? Because you deserve an exceptional experience, from beginning to end, and service that lasts for years to come.

garage door repair near me



garage door repair near me

5 year


garage door repair near me



garage door repair near me



garage door repair near me

Local, family business

customer satisfaction is our guarantee

Customer satisfaction is not just a promise to us, it is a value that influences every part of how we operate. You deserve a friendly, helpful voice on the other line and a knowledgeable and happy technician in your home to quickly and expertly fix your garage. You want your technician armed with the best equipment and an environment that supports them in providing you high-quality service.

garage door repair near me

We have a five star rating across all platforms with tens of thousands of customers that have been served.

That kind of reputation takes dedication, and is proof you will be well taken care of.

garage door repair near me

We know you want to be certain the issue with your door will be fixed and that the repair will last.

We are one of the few garage door repair companies that guarantees our work. In most cases, this means a five year warranty on parts and labor.

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