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We are proud to be a certified employer with Durham's Living Wage Project

From day one, quality service has been infused into every part of our business, including the way we treat our employees. 

We think that how we treat our customers is also how we should treat our employees: with integrity, kindness, and respect. Because of this, we are committed to taking care of our employees and our customers well - above and beyond what is expected. We are a certified employer with Durham’s Living Wage Project, committed to paying each of our employees a living wage and helping them thrive. 

The Durham Living Wage Project "exists to promote a just economy where workers are paid fairly, employers are successful, and our community thrives as a result." They urge employers in Durham to pay their employees a liveable wage, "the amount of income needed for an individual to meet her or his basic needs without public or private assistance." Durham ties its living wage amount to a methodology based on the federal poverty level, which is updated annually. Over the last 17 years, the livable wage amount has increased from $8.58 per hour to $13.35 per hour in 2017

We are proud to be part of this project as a certified employer. We’re in this business and this community for the long haul, and we believe it’s important for us to invest in our people, spreading kindness and building something that will last.

To learn more about Durham's Living Wage Project, click here.


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