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what are springs?

Garage door springs are there to help make your garage door easier to open. They take some of the force so that the door isn't quite so heavy. Springs have a lifespan of 7-9 years.

when your spring breaks:

With a broken spring, your door will be unable to operate properly and will be too heavy to lift with either the automatic opener or manually. It's important to call a professional when you have a broken spring, as it can be a dangerous thing to repair on your own.

how to tell if your spring is broken?

If you think you your spring has broken, it might be because you heard a loud snap or see a break in the spring across the top of your garage door. Most likely, you will be unable to lift your door if you've got a broken spring.

get a free estimate

We know how important it is to repair a broken spring quickly so that you can get in and out of your garage door and on with your life.

We provide free estimates in person or via email and we will send a technician out to repair your spring as soon as possible!

broken spring repair
broken spring repair
broken spring repair
broken spring repair
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